To the American Standard (The Blue Route)


To The American Standard

“To the American Standard” was originally published in The Blue Route‘s Issue 20.



Backside Knot

I can’t believe you just touched his arm,
Tell me where my hands should be?
On the basketball,
Or running across the white lines,
On your chest?

Thank you Dan,
For the reinforcement
And courage-
I needed air support,
But now I’m on Jameson’s
Life support

God, why did you drop her here?
With her curly brown hair,
It makes my soul jump,
When she serves me whiskey

Fridays, Sundays,
Why not every day?

And when I am dying,
Give me water
In this drunken desert,
To make my parched and cracked lips
Regain life’s moisture,
Once again

I leave alone,
You stay with him;
I’ll be back to kick his

Thank you to Anthony Shoplik and Taylor Kirchner for the collaboration of this poem from a shared experience.