Entry #56


This entry is a personal reminder for me to evaluate the adventure. I mentioned a while back that I would never tell y’all how to live y’all’s life because that’s not my place, so I hope that I’ve abided by my own words. If you feel like this entry infringes on that agreement, then reread the first sentence and underline “personal reminder.”

Look ahead. Where are we going?
Look down. Where are we standing?
Look behind. Where have we been?
Look inside. Where are our heart and our head pointing?

Are we in route to wherever we want to go? And if so or if not, either is fine because we are alive.

That’s real, like we are alive right now, for me to write this and for you to read this, so it comes down evaluating what we need to change in order to go wherever we want to go?

What I need to change is my focus: who’s receiving my focus, what am I focusing on, and is my focus one-hundred percent?

Ever catch yourself talking to someone, focused on the conversation, their eyes, their teeth, their nose, that piece of food wedged in between their teeth or that booger hanging from their nose that you won’t tell them about, and then, next thing you know, you don’t even know what the conversation concerns.

I’m guilty of losing track of a conversation because I start focusing more on my own thoughts instead of the words said toward me. Needless to say, if you have something in between your teeth or something hanging from your nose, I’m going to let you know because I hope you’d do the same for me.

Is there anything that you need to change?


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