Entry #47


If you didn’t read Entry #45, then you wouldn’t have known that I went backpacking in Kentucky. And if that was also the case, then you wouldn’t have known that to be the reason why I haven’t posted five entries for the last five days.

Well well well! I’ve returned!

I used to feel like these entries were optional, but now I feel like these entries are obligatory because as far I understand, most of you like what I post, and for that, I’m grateful for your support, so as long as you support me, I will also return the favor.

In regards to the weekend backpacking trip that actually turned into a 2 day/1 night adventure, the highlights on the map above illustrate where my best friend and I hiked (the yellow lines) and camped (the red dot). We hiked an approximate total of 16 miles, which was a big reason why we decided to spend only 1 night in the woods rather than 2 nights because the trails were much more difficult than we expected, especially for two beginner backpackers. For example, a one-mile trek to Grey’s Arch from the junction between Rush Ridge Trail and Rough Trail felt more like a three-mile rollercoaster ride that wasn’t fun.

What was fun, though, was the entire experience. Backpacking has been on my list of activities to do for the longest, so finally accomplishing the task brought me closer to a bigger dream of mine, which is backpacking major trails like the PCT or the AT.

I wouldn’t have backpacked without the invitation and encouragement from my best friend, so I thank her for being a flexible, funny, and irreplaceable human being, with the hope she comes across this entry.


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