Entry #44


If you ever want to see a social hierarchy reflected from reality, take any flight that experiences delays due to engine problems.

On the last leg home, flying from Chicago to Dayton, United Airlines’ fifty passenger jet plane sat in front of the gate for forty-five additional minutes after boarding because the plane’s main engines couldn’t start; as a result, the cabin’s AC unit couldn’t turn on also in order to lower the temperature of the plane, so bluntly, the plane was hotter than it was outside for those additional minutes. I understood the issue, so I didn’t complain aloud like the other United customers because negative remarks won’t turn on the jet plane’s engine or make everyone else more comfortable on a flying sauna. Plus, in situations like this, I imagine situations where other individuals in the world are suffering more, like a Mexican family crossing the Mexican-American border in the hope to obtain water, freedom, and a better life. The deserts in those regions that those families have to endure reach anywhere from 110 to 130 degrees.

What I didn’t understand is why first class passengers received rounds of ice-cold beverages and the rest of the plane received apologies from the captain. I witnessed, along with a few others, that if you belong to a higher socio-economic class, of course, you receive the better benefits. We know this because it’s our reality that many of us discuss with frustration and disgust, but actually seeing it awakened a poignant feeling because there was no reason why the rest of the suffering-from-heat-discomfort plane shouldn’t have received water.

I’m not a socialist. I’m a believer in equality and justice.

Eventually, the rest of the place received water, when we were thousands of miles in the air and minutes away from landing the plane.


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