Entry #42


Expect two entries today.

One now while I’m waiting for my flight home from Atlanta and another late tonight after I have fallen asleep in my own bed, which is one of the accommodations that I miss the most. Food, family, and freedom from an alarm are some of the other accommodations that I miss too.

Normally, I wake up on the fifth alarm, out of seven different alarms, but recently, especially by the end of my internship experience because I’m drained, I began snoozing my alarm to the extent that, that action alone almost jeopardises the day’s priorities, such as showing up to the airport on time. Either there are alarm deities that wake us up in time or our bodies have a seventh sense.

The sixth sense is intuition, the feeling that we get in our stomachs when we think something is about to happen with a certain degree of relativity. For example, have you ever had a thought about someone, then they contact you almost immediately? This happens to me often.

I’m getting a feeling now. Ooooo…Wait… I’m just hungry, never mind.


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