Entry #39


I’m sad.
I’m drinking Arnold Palmer.
I’m doing laundry.
I’m packing my bags.
I’m responding to my emails and text messages.
I’m preparing a presentation.
I’m reading news articles.
I’m researching a new project.
I’m reading a book.
I’m writing this entry.
I’m happy.

I’m struggling with my emotions as I reflect on the last two months in New York, so I need to stay busy throughout the night before my flight.

I’m sad to leave: leave behind (for now) the relationships that I’ve formed with interns, coworkers, students, strangers, friends, stray cats and subway rats.

I’m happy to go: go forth, bringing my knowledge consisted of experiences and education to the new endeavors that will reveal themselves when I arrive.

I’m thankful.

I’m tired of that contraction.

I have a hard time when individuals say, “There are no words to describe this feeling/moment/experience/(you fill in the blank appropriately),” and continue expressing how they feel with words. We have words to convey dimensional information, that is, information that is quantifiable and qualifiable. Words that express emotions, numbers, space, senses, and images.

We utilize our words in order to come to an understanding with ourselves, each other, whoever is above or below or around us, the environment in which we exist, and that’s what I’ve tried to do, and try to accomplish with these entries.


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