Entry #38


I want to post this sooner rather than later, not because I’ll forget, but because I decided to rent a bike this evening through the CitiBike program for 24 hours. Since I want to get my money’s worth on the bike rental and give myself time to say “see ya later,” (I don’t know when or how, but I’m returning) I intend on riding the bike rental around the boroughs tonight because, of course, I won’t have time during work hours to ride the bike rental, only time before and after work.

If you know me, then you shouldn’t be too concerned for my safety because you already know that I love adventures, especially when they’re safe. And if you don’t know me, then you shouldn’t be too concerned for my safety as well because you don’t know that I love adventures yet, but since you do now (extend your hand, shake firmly, none of that dead fish garbage, release please, it’s nice to officially meet you, the name is Zach), please read the first sentence of this paragraph.

Forget about destiny, fate, predestination, and any concept that attempts to label occurrences that arise in our life that are realistically indescribable and coincidental because those moments occur. That’s it. They occur. We live our life and bing-boom-bam, a special moment occurs. Yes, there are influences to these occurrences, but why do we need special words to understand their happenstance when they just occur; they just happen; we just happened to meet; spring just occurred; it just was. The actions that we’ve made throughout our life brought us to this point, so any different actions would have created a new coordinate in time.

Does this make sense? Occasionally, I’m talking to myself, but sometimes, I’m talking to you, like right now.


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