Entry #37

Please forgive me, readers, for I have slept for a change instead of writing a daily entry.

It all started when I got home from work. I went straight to my room, laid down, listened to NPR One, and closed my eyes. But, next thing I know, my roommate knocked, opened the door, and said, “Do you want to play basketball?” I moaned. He replied, “You have 10 minutes,” and I said,”But…” “But there’s no question about it, you’re going.”

We went and it was fun.

That line above reminds me of Hemingway. In A Farewell to Arms, he wrote, “She looked fresh and young and very beautiful. I thought I had never seen anyone so beautiful” (Ch. 14, pg. 91).

Afterward, I fell asleep throughout the night, sort of; it’s never throughout the night because usually, you have to get up and pee. Am I right?


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