Entry #28


Luckily, I have to go to work tomorrow. I look forward to going to work, especially on a Monday, unlike some of us. I arrive, I announce “Good morning!” to everyone, I make a hot chocolate on the Keurig (I don’t care if it’s summer, I just hope that you all are reading this list in a sing-song peppy sort of voice because that’s how I’m writing it), then I meet with my Unit so we can prepare for the day. I would continue the actions that occur throughout the day, but each day is unpredictable because high school students are unpredictable. Some may come with an attitude, some may come with zero participation, and some might not come at all. I don’t know until tomorrow and that’s why I’m excited!

That and because today I crossed off more activities off my New York Summer To-Do List. For instance, I finally went to Hoboken after a man who runs an organization called Peace-Quest recommended the area because I asked him, “Where is the best place to see Manhattan?” Our “tourist” conversation was after our “helping the kids in the Philippines” conversation, of course. The kids come first.

You see Lower Manhattan to Upper Manhattan from Hoboken. The area is peaceful and family-oriented with plenty of residences, green spaces, and churches. Runners whizzed past me every other minute either with or without a stroller or with or without a dog. According to the New York Times, Hoboken is a great area to raise a family because of the convenient commute to Manhattan, the quiet and nice area, and appropriate pricings for apartments, condos, and houses. Ultimately, I’d still live in Brooklyn if I had the chance.


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