Entry #23


So, Casey Neistat, huh? Have you even heard of him? I didn’t know until my friend Luke showed Peter Casey’s Youtube Channel, and then a few days later, Peter introduced me to Casey’s channel because Peter was watching “Snowboarding New York City.” At first, I wasn’t hooked, but by the second time around, I felt like I knew Casey Neistat through his vlogs. At the time, I wasn’t in New York, I was in Cleveland before the Cavaliers ended the drought, and I didn’t know that I would wind up working in New York either, so I was living vicariously through Casey’s daily, adventurous lifestyle like the majority of his 3.7 million subscribers. That’s the first reason why I appreciate Casey, but beyond his adventures, he’s an honest, genuine, family man, who loves what he does. So, for his fans, Casey Neistat is a living representation of the idea that hard work, or doing more work, fulfills dreams, which, of course, encourages his fans to pursue their own dreams.

I’ve seen Casey twice now: today by coincidence when I tried to buy a new lightning cable and a battery bank at BestBuy but failed; and yesterday with Peter when we checked out Beme HQ. And I have to say, the Youtuber of the Year Casey is the same Casey in real life. He’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary life.

To Casey Neistat:

If you come across this entry, I’d like to shake your hand and tell you that your vlogs have been highlights of my days for the last five to six months, so thank you for bringing me, and the world, a smile or a laugh or a serious talking to about big issues.

To Candice Neistat:

If you come across this entry, you are kind and patient, so ignore all the hate that individuals leave under Casey’s vlogs because their comments aren’t true, obviously, since they haven’t met you in person like I have.


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