Entry #15

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer Program for many high school students that will participate in the program I work for. The team and I spent weeks planning curriculum and promoting the unit within the program in order to have a decent number of students interested in photography. I’m a little anxious for tomorrow, that’s one of the reasons why I can’t fall asleep tonight. I’m getting those first days of school jitters, where you don’t know anyone or the place, but you’re expected to show up regardless of your fears.

Once I had a spiritual director give me advice that his own spiritual director gave to him, who knew spiritual directors had spiritual directors too. The advice was somewhere along the lines of, “show up, focus on the present, and be honest.” I’ll apply that advice for tomorrow and see where it takes me.

Have you ever taken someone’s advice, and then the advice you applied failed you? For example, a friend of yours tells you to start working out with them at the gym. Then one day, you hurt your back at the gym. That injury may be his/hers fault because now you’re n pain because you listened to him/her. It’s like, no thanks pal, I’m just going to keep binge watching Netflix in the comfort of my bed.

This last comment is unrelated to anything that I’ve mentioned above: I really think that Macy’s runs New York, and we all know it, we just don’t do anything about it. Tonight’s firework show was provided to us by Macy’s. Then there’s the Macy’s Day Parade. And then, there are the numerous Macy’s department stores and sub-chain stores. What else? Think about it. Actually, don’t think about too much because I don’t want crazy to become infectious.


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