My name is Zachary Chance.

I’m a graduating senior that studied English (Creative Writing and Professional Writing, and Literature) at John Carroll University.

I’m also a hopeful growing 6ft Afro-Mocha 21 year old male with a distinct laugh and crooked smile, and a heart pumping “Be Positive!” blood throughout a body that likes, in this exact order, dairy, carbs, and produce.

I graduate in May 2018 and I currently live and work in Cleveland, Ohio.  I’m looking for post-graduate opportunities that range from internships, fellowships, assistantships, part-time and full-time job opportunities that will allow me to implement and develop the clear, concise, and persuasive writing techniques that I have learned during my undergraduate career as well as my quick, critical, and analytical reading abilities; all of which, have prepared me to be a flexible and hard-working employee for any task in any professional environment.